Brighton 2010 - Concorder 2

Great,if small, venue. Numan excellent. Ticket voucher system dreadful - advice to others buy Seeticket in future (tht way you'll get an actual ticket not a queue-inducing voucher!). Superb set list, powerful set. Made you want to hear the stuff again when you got home. Need to upload a few pics to the site and get some archives going. And say hello to my friends in Australia like I said I would!

The Pleasure Principle 2009

Gary Numan and fan!

17th November '09 - I've got some new photos from this year's tour - they'll be on the site tomorrow if I fall asleep tonight beforehand! - (still v tired after the first night at Brighton) If you're going to any of the concerts I will put spoiler tags up first just in case! (A VERY impressive stage set!)

Here we go then... PICS ARE UP NOW....

SPOILER: Living Ornaments 2009 pages show images from Pleasure Principle 2009. See - I said I'd do a spoiler warning. Let's face it if you wanted to be taken by surprise by the concert you wouldn't have come along to this photographic website! The new images from Brighton will be dispensed in short intervals so check back every other day or so to see the number expand! They start here...

Sorry (12 Jan 2010) must put up the rest of the pics from 02 London December 2009... meanwhile here's GN and Little Boots on youtube




26th June '09

- sorry I haven't said much lately. Looking forward to the July concert in London and hopefully hearing a new track or two - hope to see all my Numan friends again. With all the changes in our lives and the credit crunch and all that entails it'll be good to touch base and see Gary Numan in concert again. His concerts have, for me, been a rock - a changing phenomenon but still yet a stable rock to anchor against the other changes that happen in our lives. The fact that he is still there and performing to sell-out crowds is still something to look out for and to applaud. Having found a niche, a unique selling point, a cult audience, and seemingly now a growing audience then the Numan phenomenon is self sustaining - well it seems to be to us outsiders. If it were all to end tomorrow we'd understand and be thankful of the times we had. Let's hope when it does end it is merely a changeover into a new media area for Gary - maybe one day we'll queue for his latest book or film.


With the news of Michael Jackson's death and the mysterious reasons for it one thing seems clear - if you get to such a size and worldwide phenomenon as "Jacko" was then there is further to fall and more likely that the fall is tragic. Now not for one moment am I comparing Mr Numan to Mr Jackson, although all pop/rock personalities have their legions of dedicated fans. Some fans even run websites. I suspect that all rock/pop stars are watching this story unfold themselves tonight and comparing it all to their own situation. Those nearest in scale would feel the empathy most. Those who have weathered the years and come out with stronger integrity but not necessarily the same scale of impact globally will still reflect on their own careers - and I'm sure a few rightly or wrongly may call it a day. However some stars who recognise their place in the scheme of things, and have carved out a new existence where critical acclaim and recognition of their artistic and creative abilities is what draws their fans in rather than striving for fame at all costs will retain and savour their position. The cult of celebrity is a modern day curse that will claim more victims.

Now what about Gary. I can't go on after that last paragraph and go and describe him as someone or other in my scale of celebrity versus phenomenon and all that malarkey. You were expecting me to I guess. No - make your own mind up. Maybe you're new to this website (come here via my Doctor Who connections etc, or just googling!) and knew a few vague things about Gary Numan (ie Cars, Are Friends Electric, planes etc etc). So now is the time to find out the truth. Book that ticket. Go and see him. And be entertained. Be surprised. After all, he still surprises us as fans after all this time since '77!

PS and by the way - on the 6th of July I will be appearing on an official BBC DVD release of Doctor Who. Called The War Games it is a release of a story made in 1969 featuring the Second Doctor Who - played by Patrick Troughton. For what seems like millions of years I have been working with a group of fellow Sussex friends on a fan film of Doctor Who called 'Devious' which as part of it's story featured the Third Doctor played by Jon Pertwee - and we had the actual actor travel down to our 'home made' studio and film a scene with him. Naturally this last appearance of this famous actor in an iconic role (we filmed it in 1995) has caught the attention of fans and so a 12 minute segment is being added to the DVD release of The War Games as an extra after all this time! As a co-writer, set and prop-builder, effects producer and occasional (crap) actor I get a fleeting appearance as well as my name peppered liberally in the credits!!! So, this is my tiny teeny little bit of fame. My moment in the spotlight. I'm not sure the scale of my achievements will ever truly be measurable though. You'd need a microscope.

... and wasn't there a Numan track called "War Games"...

10th February '09 - link to Australian Red Cross - an appeal for helpp after the recent Bush Fires

See - we said things would be better in 2009. Nustreet's replacement is at Townsend Records (link here) and the Replicas DVD is the first thing on offer. And there's a dedicated NUMAN YOUTUBE channel as well (link here). All this in the year that Are 'Friends' Electric will be thirty. Most of Gary's life he has been haunted(?), followed by this song, compelled(?) to play it at each concert. OK so he dropped Cars from live sets for a while with no ill effects, but can he really be brave enough to drop AFE? No. It's still the great crowd please, the reason many come along even - if they don't know the new material then they're assured this will be played. Perhaps the anniversary could be marked by a CD (or download compilation on itunes) with loads of the various versions and covers we've had over the years. Who can forget the classic versions on Random - An Pierle and Republica. Or that strange Kipper-influenced cd single release (Generator). And there's the Sugababes of course. Just an idea. I'd buy it. But then I have a playlist on my walkman where I've done just that.

23rd December '08

With the news that Nustreet is closing it means we are affected by the credit crunch. Music is not an essential purchase. I beg to differ if it's Numanmusic. The new "Dead Son Rising" will be a case in point. Nustreet is being replaced by something better and more economical I guess, so there's no need to panic. So in the meantime here's a "Merry Christmas" from me to all Numan fans worldwide. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas in the religious sense. I know I don't. I think of the solstice I guess, but more importantly think of it as a time for friends and family. And illness too it seems! - chest infections all round - nothing to do but lie back and listen to the walkman???? And what to play....?

6th November '08

Another blindingly quick note to mention that you'll hear some Numan music (ie Prayer for the Unborn) behind the trailer for BBC7's Doctor Who episode to be aired next Sunday (9th November) and also their Spaceship series. I've just listened to last week's episode ("Brave New Town" featuring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith) and in the trailer for BBC7's sci-fi section next week you'll hear Numan. The trailer is at around 50 minutes into the BBC iPLAYER version (available for a few more days I guess) - the episode is at . You can zip forward if you're not a Who fan and just hear the trailer, just to see how his music sounds when used imaginatively like this.

And speaking of Numan music being used imaginatively in the media, how about we all start a campaign to get "Cars" installed as the new theme for Formula 1 coverage? It'd be perfect.

23 September '08

A quick note to say I've found my images from the London O2 concert for September and am hunting through to find some net-worthy ones for you. In the meantime I've processed one and put it live here... and also for a special treat for all of you who have to wait so long for me to update I have kept one at an original resolution and put it live here (it is 200KB in size and a jpeg with a low reolution - the original pic was much sharper although obviosuly it's not a crystal clear one to start with, so I'll go and find a sharper one to do this with next time!!!). Keeping the Numan faith - AshleyX

set list as shown to me by an Italian fan whose name has been forgotten but will go down in history as one of the very best people at holding a set list in front of a damaged digital camera

28 August '08 - PHP upgrade to server

Just a quick note to say that Gary has been namechecked in an article about AshleyX author Ashley (and his friends) about his various Doctor Who escapades! News on that at And also, as you have noticed the website has gone a bit bonkers - ie my server has upgraded PHP and my code hasn't caught up yet. Will sort it when I get a moment.

another ashleyx image6 August '08

Hi there again - must get some new images up from London 08. In the meantime I've got my ticket for this September O2 gig. And alkso here's an image for you! Thanks to those who have emailed me - seems the new email feature is working (!), and yes I'll see if I have any more Telekon pics. In the meantime here's a plea for all of you to go out and get the Jagged Edge CD. Well worth sending off for from Seems like some of the tracks (the AF ones) especially Pressure are reworked versions reworked AFTER Jagged came out. They don't all seem like versions abandoned before Jagged and later tweaked - certainly there's been additional work afterwards. No worries there since new versions enhance the listening experience. There's lots to appreciate in the rich variety of sounds in these 'new' versions. Can't wait to hear some of these treatments live.

London O2 March 2008Replicas '08 Triumph

new pics (Brighton)  in the Living Ornaments section (London O2 to follow)

The man’s a genius. Always said so. Always will. And after this Saturday’s excellent final gig in the Replicas Tour 08 my opinion is the same. I’ll have loads more to say along with a load of pictures from the O2 and Brighton just as soon as I can finish the code for the new content management system for the ashleyx sites. The old content has already been converted into the database and I’ll need to ensure the pics are all there. I have to fit this in evenings etc so bear with me - I hope to have it up this week (ooh err).





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